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Animals and Plants in Gods Creation

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Title: Animals and Plants in God’s Creation

Lesson Objective: To teach young children about the animals and plants that God created and how we should appreciate and care for them.

Hello, young friends! Today, we are going to learn about the amazing animals and plants that God created. As we learn about them, we will also learn how special they are and how we can take care of them.

The Beauty of Animals and Plants:
God created so many wonderful animals and plants. He made colorful flowers, tall trees, furry animals, and so much more. Each one is special and unique. When we look at them, we can see how creative and loving our God is.

Taking Care of God’s Creation:
God wants us to take good care of the animals and plants He made. That means we should not harm them or destroy their habitats. We can show our love for God’s creation by picking up litter, planting flowers, and being kind to animals. We can also pray and thank God for the beauty of His creation.

Appreciating God’s Gifts:
We can learn so much from animals and plants. They teach us about God’s love, creativity, and care for all living things. Let’s take time to appreciate the animals and plants around us. We can visit a park or garden, observe the birds and insects, and marvel at the beauty of God’s creation.

God made the animals and plants because He loves us and wants us to enjoy His beautiful world. Let’s remember to appreciate and take care of His creation, and thank Him for the wonderful animals and plants He made. We are blessed to be surrounded by God’s amazing creation!

Worship Music for Lesson

1. “All Creatures of Our God and King” by William Henry Draper
2. “This is My Father’s World” by Maltbie Davenport Babcock
3. “Great Big Beautiful World” by The Donut Man
4. “G-O-D Is So Good” by Little Praise Party

Questions for Lesson

1. How do animals and plants show God’s creativity in creation?
2. Why do you think God chose to create animals and plants?
3. How does understanding God’s creation impact your relationship with Him?
4. What do you think it means to be good stewards of God’s creation?
5. Quiz: What does Genesis 1:1 teach about God’s role in creation?
6. Quiz: According to Romans 1:20, what does creation reveal about God’s attributes?


Genesis 1:20-25
Psalm 104:24-25
Proverbs 12:10
Matthew 6:26
Luke 12:6-7
James 3:7-9

Object Lesson

Illustration: Animals and Plants in God’s Creation

1. Several small potted plants (e.g. a flower, a small tree, a vegetable plant)
2. Stuffed animal toys representing different animals (e.g. a lion, a bird, a fish)

1. Gather the young children around a table where the props are displayed.
2. Begin by talking about how God created the world and everything in it, including animals and plants.
3. Show the small potted plants and talk about how they need water, sunlight, and soil to grow. Emphasize that God created these plants to provide beauty and food for us.
4. Next, pick up the stuffed animal toys one by one and talk about each animal. Explain that God created these animals with different habitats and abilities, but all of them are important in His creation.
5. Encourage the children to come up and touch the plants and animals, allowing them to feel the textures and learn about them through sensory experience.
6. Conclude by reminding the children that God created animals and plants to live in harmony with each other and with us.

This illustration uses props to engage the young children’s senses and make the concept of animals and plants in God’s creation more tangible and relatable for them. By incorporating tactile and visual elements, the lesson becomes more interactive and memorable for the young children.

Craft Idea

Craft: God’s Creation Mobile

– Paper plates (2 per child)
– Markers or crayons
– Scissors
– Yarn or string
– Hole punch
– Glue
– Stickers or small cut-outs of animals and plants
– Optional: glitter, sequins, or other decorative materials

1. Before the lesson, cut one of the paper plates in half. This will be used to represent the sky or heaven in the mobile.

2. During the lesson, talk to the children about how animals and plants are part of God’s creation. Discuss the different animals and plants God created and their importance in the world.

3. Have the children decorate the whole paper plate with markers or crayons to represent the earth. They can draw animals, plants, and any other elements they associate with God’s creation.

4. On the half paper plate, have the children draw and decorate the sky or heaven with markers, stickers, or other decorative materials.

5. Punch a hole at the top of each plate.

6. Cut a piece of yarn or string, and tie one end to the hole in the whole paper plate and the other end to the hole in the half paper plate to create a mobile.

7. Encourage the children to hang their mobile in a special place at home as a reminder of God’s creation and their role in taking care of it.

This craft ties in with the lesson on “Animals and Plants in God’s Creation” as it allows the children to creatively express their understanding of the lesson through art and to reflect on the beauty of God’s creation.

Note: Ensure that children are supervised during craft activities and that they use age-appropriate scissors and materials.


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