About BibleTronic

This site is in beta.  That is our way of saying be prepared for stuff not to work right!.

What the Heck is this All About!?

BibleTronic was created to utilize the emerging reality of Artificial Intelligence to share the beautiful truth of God’s Word (the Bible) in a fun and creative way!

BibleTronic is not meant to be a replacement for traditional tools and study.

On many of our pages you will see something that looks like this…

Robot Created – Ask Your Pastor First!

…and we mean it!

BibleTronic is not intended to be your primary method for learning about God.  When reading the Bible and studying the Lord always ask God first (James 1:5-6) for wisdom.  Then, go to your pastor for guidance.  The internet is a wonderful resource for study and learning about God.  However, your church leaders are the ones God has entrusted with shepherding you (Hebrews 13:17).  Keep this in mind when using any resource that is not the Bible or your church leadership.


We mentioned this is in beta… Right?