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“Wisdom’s keys are in this lit, unlock blessings with Chapter 3!” (Proverbs Wisdom Rhyme)

Wisdom’s keys are in this lit,
Unlock blessings with Chapter 3!
Trust in God with all your heart,
And from evil, you’ll depart.

With kindness, let your actions speak,
Your reputation, it will keep.
In all your ways, acknowledge Him,
And blessings will pour in.

Don’t be wise in your own sight,
Fearing God brings great delight.
Honour Him with all your wealth,
And your storehouses will have good health.

Do not despise His discipline,
For correction leads to wisdom.
Happy is the one who finds,
Wisdom that brings peace of mind.

With wisdom, God laid the earth’s foundation,
And with understanding, He made creation.
By His knowledge, the depths were split,
So seek wisdom, and blessings you’ll get.

Hold on to wisdom and insight,
They’ll be your guide through dark nights.
And you’ll walk securely all your days,
For wisdom brings prosperity and grace.

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