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“Twenty-Seven – Wisdom from Heaven” (Proverbs 27 Rhyme)

Twenty-Seven – Wisdom from Heaven
In life, we need advice – that’s clear
So listen up and lend an ear
True friends will always tell the truth
Their words will give you strength and youth

Don’t boast about tomorrow’s plans
You never know what life demands
For wealth and riches don’t rely
They come and go, they’ll pass you by

A mirror shows your outer face
But God sees all, your heart and grace
Be sure to dress your inner soul
With love, compassion, and your goal

Uncontrolled the horse will stray
But guidance leads the right way
So discipline yourself, my friend
And to the path of wisdom, tend

Iron sharpens iron, that’s true
So find good friends to talk to
They’ll challenge you to do your best
And with their help, you’ll pass the test

The poor may be without a lot
But their true worth cannot be bought
They’re grateful for each little thing
And their humility will bring

A good reputation is a prize
It’s earned with truth and compromise
Protect it well, don’t compromise
With lies or schemes, don’t jeopardize

A house without love is a shell
It’s empty, cold, and feels like hell
So cherish those you love the most
And let them know, don’t be a ghost

Wisdom is a gift from God
It’s free for all, no need to prod
Seek it daily, search it well
And in your heart, true wisdom dwell.

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