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“Find Wisdom, Be Blessed – Proverbs Two is Best” (Proverbs 2 Wisdom Rhyme)

Find Wisdom, Be Blessed – Proverbs Two is Best (Proverbs Wisdom Rhyme)

If you seek wisdom with all your might,
And treasure knowledge with your sight,
Then you’ll understand the fear of the Lord,
And find the knowledge that you have adored.

For wisdom comes from God above,
And with it comes knowledge and love,
He’ll guard your path and keep you safe,
And bless your life with His amazing grace.

So listen closely to His words,
And store them up like precious pearls,
Then you’ll discern what’s right and true,
And know the path that’s best for you.

For wisdom will protect your heart,
And keep you from the tempter’s dart,
And lead you down the path of life,
With peace and joy that never strife.

So seek the wisdom that God gives,
And let it guide the way you live,
For He will bless your life each day,
And lead you on the righteous way.

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