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“Be kind and wise, win life’s prize” (Proverbs 17 Kindness Rhyme)

Be kind and wise, win life’s prize,
A gentle word, it truly applies.
Fools speak wickedness, wisdom despise,
But the righteous heart, joy will arise.

A bribe may bring laughter, but it’s all lies,
Better to have integrity, no disguise.
A friend loves at all times, never denies,
And a brother born for adversity, always tries.

Rebuke a wise man, he’ll become wise,
But a fool will despise, and his heart dies.
An evil man seeks rebellion, his soul dies,
And a cruel messenger, nothing but lies.

A fool’s mouth brings ruin, no surprise,
But a prudent man uses knowledge, and it satisfies.
The name of the Lord is a strong tower, it fortifies,
And the righteous run to it, where safety lies.

Riches profit nothing, no matter the size,
But wisdom brings life, and it’s truly wise.
A friend’s love is a rare and precious prize,
And a kind heart, it never dies.

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