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“Follow wisdom, avoid mishap – Proverbs 4 is wisdom’s map!” (Proverbs 4 Wisdom Rhyme)

Follow wisdom, avoid mishap
Proverbs 4 is wisdom’s map!
Listen to your father, you will be glad
He’ll teach you all the good that you’ve had

Wisdom is supreme, so please heed
She’ll guard and protect you through every deed
Choose her over silver and gold
She’ll lead you to treasures untold

Hold onto wisdom, don’t let her go
She’ll bless you with life and help you grow
Stay off the path of the wicked and vile
Follow the way of the righteous, it’s worthwhile

With wisdom, your steps will be sure
No stumbling or falling, she’ll help you endure
Keep her close, let her guide
You’ll find peace and joy inside

Avoid lies and deceit, they lead to despair
Stick to the truth, it’s always fair
Guard your heart, it’s the wellspring of life
Fill it with wisdom, it’ll help you thrive

Stay away from the wicked, they’ll lead you astray
Choose the path of the righteous, it’s the only way
Let wisdom be your guide and your friend
She’ll be with you until the very end

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