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Divine Wisdom, Come and Dine! (Proverbs 9 Rhyme)

Divine Wisdom, come and dine!
At the feast, all are invited to recline.
She builds her house with care,
and sets her table fair.

She sends out her maidens sweet,
calling out to all she meets,
"Come, eat my bread and drink my wine,
for wisdom is the way to shine!"

Folly, too, calls out loud,
her voice a brazen, heedless crowd.
She offers stolen bread and wine,
but her ways lead to decline.

Choose wisdom and live long,
she will make your heart strong.
The fear of the Lord is where to start,
and wisdom will fill your heart.

So come and dine at Wisdom’s table,
where understanding is always able,
to guide you on the path of life,
and keep you from all strife.

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