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The Consequences of Worshiping the Beast

Lesson Title: The Consequences of Worshiping the Beast

Scripture: Revelation 14:9-13

Opening Prayer

Today, we will be diving into the book of Revelation and examining the consequences of worshiping the beast as outlined in Revelation 14:9-13. It is important for us, as seniors, to understand the significance of this message and how it applies to our lives as disciples of Christ.

In Revelation 14, we find a vivid depiction of the end times and the consequences of following the ways of the world, specifically in worshiping the beast. The beast represents the anti-Christ and all that is opposed to God and His kingdom. Those who worship the beast and receive his mark will face severe judgment.

Key Points:

1. The Warning of Eternal Consequences: In Revelation 14:9-11, we see a solemn warning about the eternal consequences of worshiping the beast and receiving his mark. Those who do so will experience the full wrath of God and will be tormented day and night, forever separated from God and His kingdom.

2. The Call to Endurance and Faithfulness: Despite the impending judgment, Revelation 14:12 encourages believers to remain steadfast in their faith and obedience to God. As seniors, we are called to continue living out our faith with endurance, even in the face of persecution or opposition.

3. The Promise of Blessed Rest: Revelation 14:13 offers a glimmer of hope amidst the warnings and tribulations. It reassures us that those who die in the Lord will be blessed and will find rest from their labors. This is a reminder for us to keep our eyes fixed on the eternal promises of God, knowing that our present sufferings are temporary compared to the glory that awaits us.

As seniors, it is vital for us to reflect on our own faith and loyalty to God. Are we allowing anything in our lives to take precedence over our devotion to Him? Are we standing firm in our faith, regardless of the pressures or temptations of the world? Let us use this scripture as a reminder to remain faithful and strong in our commitment to Christ, even in the midst of challenging circumstances.

Closing Prayer

The consequences of worshiping the beast are severe, but as believers in Christ, we have the assurance of God’s protection and provision. Let us hold fast to our faith, knowing that our ultimate victory is secured in Him.

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Possible Viewpont: Evangelical Christian


1. Revelation 14:9-11
2. Revelation 13:16-18
3. Revelation 20:4
4. Revelation 16:2
5. Revelation 19:20

Questions for Lesson

1. How does the warning in REv 14:9-13 about worshiping the beast impact your daily life as a senior believer?
2. What are the consequences of worshiping the beast according to the passage in REv 14:9-13?
3. How does the concept of perseverance and faithfulness in REv 14:12 apply to your own journey as a senior Christian?
4. How does the message of REv 14:9-13 affect your perspective on the current state of the world and its systems?
5. According to REv 14:9-13, what is the ultimate fate of those who worship the beast and receive his mark?
6. What steps can you take as a senior believer to ensure that you remain faithful to God in light of the warnings in REv 14:9-13?

Worship Music for Lesson

1. “God Is in Control” by Twila Paris
2. “The Solid Rock” by Charlie Hall
3. “No Other name” by Hillsong Worship
4. “All to Us” by Chris Tomlin

Object Lesson

Props needed:
– A large cut-out image of a beast or monster
– A small table with two bowls, one filled with candy and the other with bitter herbs (such as radishes or mustard greens)

1. Begin by displaying the large cut-out image of a beast or monster and explaining that it represents the idea of worshiping something harmful or destructive.
2. Invite a volunteer from the audience to come up and stand next to the table.
3. Explain to the volunteer that they have a choice to make: they can either choose to worship the beast (by taking a piece of candy from the bowl) or choose to worship God and refuse the beast (by taking a bite of the bitter herb).
4. As the volunteer makes their choice, explain that the consequence of worshiping the beast is experiencing the bitterness and pain that comes with it. Conversely, the consequence of worshiping God is experiencing His eternal blessings and joy.
5. Read Revelation 14:9-13 and discuss how this passage warns of the consequences of worshiping the beast and encourages believers to remain faithful to God even in the face of persecution and trial.
6. Close by emphasizing the importance of making wise choices in worship and the lasting impact it has on our lives, especially as seniors who may have faced various trials and temptations in their lifetime.


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