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Wisdom sows seeds that grow tall; folly makes a person fall. (Proverbs 13:1-25 Rhyme)

Wisdom sows seeds that grow tall;
folly makes a person fall.

The wise use words that heal and cure,
but fools’ tongues spread poison and lure.

The diligent hands bring in good reward,
while the lazy one’s dreams remain unexplored.

Righteousness guards the blameless way,
but wickedness causes destruction to lay.

One’s wealth may be a cause for pride,
but the poor’s hope never subsides.

Discipline molds a child’s heart,
but neglect sets them apart.

The righteous hate deceit and lies,
but the wicked’s ways never disguise.

Hard work leads to plenty and more,
but idle minds bring hunger to the door.

The wise will listen and take advice,
but the foolish will only pay the price.

The light of the righteous shines so bright,
but the wicked’s lamp flickers in fright.

Pride brings destruction, but humility gains,
wisdom’s reward, healing and pains.

The righteous speak words of truth and life,
but the wicked’s words lead to strife.

The prudent keep their knowledge close,
but fools’ mouths run on with no repose.

A faithful witness speaks nothing but true,
but liars’ words are empty and few.

Riches come through hard work and care,
but greed only leaves a life bare.

The wise see danger and take refuge,
but fools stumble, causing carnage.

The generous soul will be richly blessed,
but the selfish soon become oppressed.

The righteous will always have enough,
but the wicked’s hunger is never snuffed.

The wise leave an inheritance for their kin,
but the wicked’s wealth is swallowed in sin.

The righteous hate injustice and fraud,
but the wicked find joy in applause.

Wisdom sows seeds that grow tall;
folly makes a person fall.

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