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The Story of Hannukah and the Light of Jesus

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Title: The Story of Hannukah and the Light of Jesus


Welcome, boys and girls! Today we are going to learn about a special holiday called Hannukah. Hannukah is a Jewish holiday that reminds us of the important ways that light and faith can make a difference in our lives. As Christians, we can also see how the story of Hannukah reminds us of the light of Jesus and how He brings hope and love into our lives.

The story of Hannukah begins over 2,000 years ago when a group of Jewish people called the Maccabees fought against a king who wanted to force them to worship false gods. The Maccabees fought bravely and, with God’s help, they were able to defeat the king and take back their temple in Jerusalem. When they went to rededicate the temple, they found that there was only enough oil to light the temple’s special lamp, called a menorah, for one day. But a miracle happened, and the oil lasted for eight days, which was enough time for them to get more oil. This is why Hannukah is celebrated for eight days, and it reminds us of God’s faithfulness and the power of light to overcome darkness.

As Christians, we believe that Jesus is the light of the world. In the Bible, Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life” (John 8:12). Just like the menorah in the story of Hannukah, Jesus brings light and hope into our lives. When we believe in Him, we can have the light of His love, joy, peace, and forgiveness shining in our hearts. And just like the Maccabees, we can trust in God’s faithfulness to help us through difficult times.

During Hannukah, Jewish people light a special menorah called a Hanukkiah, adding one candle each night until all eight candles are lit. As Christians, we can also remember the story of Hannukah and the light of Jesus by spreading kindness and love to others, just like Jesus taught us to do. We can also pray and thank God for sending Jesus to be the light of the world and to bring hope and love to everyone who believes in Him.

So, boys and girls, let’s remember the story of Hannukah and the light of Jesus. Let’s be thankful for the light and love that Jesus brings into our lives, and let’s share that love and light with others. Just like the Hanukkiah shines brightly during Hannukah, let’s let our lives shine brightly with the love of Jesus every day! Amen.

Worship Music for Lesson

1. “The Light of Jesus” by Seeds Family Worship
2. “Light of the World” by Yancy
3. “This Little Light of Mine” by Listener Kids
4. “Shine, Jesus, Shine” by Graham Kendrick

Questions for Lesson

1. How does the story of Hannukah remind us of the importance of standing strong in our faith, even when faced with opposition?
2. Can you name one way in which the Festival of Lights (Hannukah) mirrors the message of Jesus as the Light of the World?
3. In what ways do you think the story of Hannukah and the message of Jesus’ light bring hope and joy to our lives?
4. What does John 3:16 teach us about God’s love and the significance of Jesus coming into the world?
5. How can we reflect the light of Jesus in our own lives, just as the menorah reflects the light during Hannukah?
6. Can you share a personal experience where the message of Hannukah and Jesus’ light has impacted your faith and relationship with God?


1 Samuel 2:30
2 Chronicles 7:14
Psalm 18:28
Proverbs 4:18
Isaiah 9:2
Daniel 12:3
Matthew 5:14-16
John 8:12
Ephesians 5:8
1 Peter 2:9

Object Lesson

Title: Hannukah and Jesus

Props needed:
1. Menorah (or a picture of one)
2. Nine candles (eight for the Hannukah Menorah and one for the Jesus Candle)
3. Small paper cutouts of Jewish historical figures like Judah Maccabee, Antiochus IV, and Mattathias
4. Small paper cutout of Jesus
5. Small toy shield and sword
6. Small baby doll

1. Begin by showing the children the Menorah and explaining that it is used to celebrate Hannukah, a Jewish holiday.
2. Explain that Hannukah is a celebration of the victory of the Jewish people over the Greek king Antiochus IV, who wanted them to give up their faith.
3. Use the paper cutouts to tell the story of Judah Maccabee and his family’s bravery, and how they fought to keep their faith alive.
4. Light one candle on the Menorah to represent the first night of Hannukah, and explain the significance of the lighting and the miracle of the oil lasting for eight days.
5. Next, introduce the small paper cutout of Jesus and explain that he is the light of the world, just as the candles on the Menorah bring light to the darkness.
6. Light the Jesus Candle and explain that Jesus came to bring hope and light to all people, just like the Hannukah story teaches us about hope and courage.
7. Use the toy shield and sword to explain that just as Judah Maccabee and his family fought for their faith, Jesus fought against the darkness of sin and death so that we can have eternal life.
8. Finally, introduce the baby doll and explain that just as the baby Jesus brings light and hope, the Hannukah story reminds us that even the smallest acts of faith and courage can make a big difference.

This interactive and visual illustration will help young children understand the connection between Hannukah and the light of Jesus and how both stories teach us about bravery, faith, and hope.

Craft Idea

Craft Idea: Hanukkah Menorah Sun Catcher

– Paper plates
– Yellow and orange tissue paper
– Scissors
– Glue
– Tape
– Hole puncher
– String

1. Begin by cutting out the center of a paper plate to create a circular frame.
2. Cut the yellow and orange tissue paper into small squares or rectangles.
3. Glue the tissue paper pieces onto the paper plate frame to create a colorful mosaic design.
4. Once the plate is covered in tissue paper, allow the glue to dry.
5. Once dry, flip the plate over and punch a hole at the top of the plate.
6. Cut a piece of string and thread it through the hole, tying the ends together to create a loop for hanging.
7. Hang your Hanukkah Menorah sun catcher in a window or on a wall where it can catch the light.

During the craft session, tie it in with the lesson by discussing the significance of light in the story of Hanukkah and how it relates to Jesus as the Light of the World. Discuss how the Menorah represents the miracle of the oil lasting for eight days as well as the importance of Jesus bringing light and hope into the world. Encourage the children to think about how they can be a light to others in their own lives.

This craft serves as a hands-on way for children to connect with the lesson and create a visual reminder of the connection between Hanukkah and Jesus as the Light of the World.


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