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Overcoming Fear: Finding Courage in the Face of Monsters

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Title: Overcoming Fear: Finding Courage in the Face of Monsters

Lesson Objective: To teach young children how to overcome fear and find courage in the face of monsters by relying on God’s strength and protection.

Good morning, boys and girls! Today, we are going to talk about monsters. Now, I know that monsters are not real, but sometimes we can feel scared or worried about things that seem like monsters in our lives. It could be something we see on TV, a big test at school, or even a new situation that makes us feel afraid. But as followers of Jesus, we can learn how to overcome fear and find courage in these scary moments.

Bible Verse:
Our Bible verse for today comes from Psalm 27:1 – “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”

1. What are some things that make you feel scared or worried, like monsters? (Allow the children to share their thoughts and experiences.)
2. Can we trust in God to protect us and give us courage when we feel afraid? (Discuss how relying on God’s strength can help us overcome fear.)

Once there was a boy named David who lived in a small village. One night, he heard a scary noise outside his window. He was afraid that a monster was lurking in the darkness. But then he remembered the verse from Psalm 27:1 and prayed to God for courage and protection. Suddenly, he felt a peace in his heart and knew that he was not alone. The next morning, he found out that the “monster” was just a stray cat making noise in the bushes. From that day on, David learned to trust in God’s strength whenever he felt scared.

Just like David, we can also trust in God when we face scary situations in our lives. We may not have to worry about real monsters, but there are times when we feel afraid of things that seem big and scary to us. It’s okay to feel scared, but we can pray to God and ask Him for courage. We can also remember that God is always with us and He will protect us from anything that tries to harm us.

Let’s draw a picture of a monster and then write down a prayer to ask God for courage when we feel scared. We can also share our prayers with each other and encourage one another to trust in God’s strength.

Today, we learned that we can find courage in the face of monsters by trusting in God’s strength and protection. Let’s remember to pray and ask God for courage whenever we feel afraid. He is always with us and will help us overcome our fears. Thank you for listening, and God bless you all!

Worship Music for Lesson

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Questions for Lesson

1. How does the idea of ‘Monsters’ relate to your faith as an Evangelical Christian?
2. What are some biblical examples of individuals overcoming fear and finding courage in the face of real or metaphorical ‘Monsters’?
3. How can understanding and addressing fear in the context of ‘Monsters’ help you grow in your relationship with God?
4. According to Scripture, how should we respond to fear when faced with ‘Monsters’ in our lives?
5. What do you think it means to have courage in the face of ‘Monsters’ as an Evangelical Christian?
6. Quiz: According to 1 John 4:18, what does perfect love do to fear?


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Object Lesson

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Craft Idea

Craft: Monster Shield

– Paper plates
– Craft foam or construction paper in various colors
– Scissors
– Glue
– Markers
– Stickers or googly eyes
– Pipe cleaners
– Hole punch
– Ribbon or string

1. Begin by cutting out the center section of the paper plate to create a round shield shape.

2. Next, cut out large teeth shapes from the craft foam or construction paper to create a monster mouth. Glue the teeth onto the outer edge of the paper plate.

3. Use the markers to draw a scary monster face on the front of the paper plate.

4. Add googly eyes or stickers to the face to give the monster some personality.

5. Cut the pipe cleaners into smaller pieces and bend them into zigzag shapes to create small lightning bolts. Glue the lightning bolts onto the shield to give it a fierce look.

6. Use the hole punch to create two holes at the top of the shield, then thread a piece of ribbon or string through the holes to create a handle for the shield.

7. Encourage the children to think about what they can do to conquer their fears and write these ideas on the back of the shield using markers.

As the children create their monster shields, tie in the lesson on ‘Overcoming Fear: Finding Courage in the Face of Monsters’ by discussing the idea that with God’s help, we can face our fears like brave warriors. Encourage the children to share their thoughts on what gives them courage and strength in the face of their own “monsters.” This craft activity can help reinforce the lesson and empower the children to trust in God’s protection and strength.


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