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Jesus as the Passover Lamb

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Title: Jesus as the Passover Lamb


Hello, boys and girls! Today we are going to learn about a special meal called Passover and how it helps us understand more about Jesus.

Passover is a Jewish holiday that celebrates when God rescued His people from slavery in Egypt. The people were told to sacrifice a lamb and put its blood on their doorposts so that the angel of death would pass over their homes and not harm them. This special lamb was called the Passover lamb.

Just like the Passover lamb saved the people from harm, Jesus is also our Passover Lamb. He was sacrificed on the cross to save us from our sins and the punishment that comes with them. When we believe in Jesus and His sacrifice for us, we are saved from the consequences of our sin.

Jesus loved us so much that He was willing to be like the Passover lamb for us. He was perfect and without sin, just like the lambs that were chosen for sacrifice during Passover. He willingly gave His life so that we could have eternal life with Him.

During this special time of year, let’s remember Jesus as our Passover Lamb and thank Him for His love and sacrifice for us. Just like the Passover lamb protected the Israelites, Jesus protects us from our sins when we have faith in Him. Let’s trust in Jesus, our Savior, and remember His great love for us. Amen.

Memory Verse: “For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed.” – 1 Corinthians 5:7b

Prayer: Dear Jesus, thank You for being our Passover Lamb and sacrificing Your life for us. Help us to remember Your love and to always trust in You. Amen.

Worship Music for Lesson

1. “Behold the Lamb” by Passion Kids
2. “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High” by Kids Praise! Company
3. “God So Loved” by Hillsong Young & Free
4. “Worthy is the Lamb” by Brentwood Kids Company

Questions for Lesson

1. How does Jesus being the Passover Lamb help you understand God’s ultimate sacrifice for you?
2. What significance does the Passover meal hold for Christians today?
3. Can you explain how the Passover Lamb in the Old Testament foreshadowed Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice for sin?
4. How does understanding the Passover help you appreciate God’s faithfulness throughout history?
5. What does it mean to “pass over” sin and judgment in your life because of Jesus’ sacrifice?
6. Can you recite John 3:16 and explain how it relates to God’s love and the sacrifice of Jesus as the Passover Lamb?


– John 1:29
– 1 Corinthians 5:7
– Exodus 12:1-11
– 1 Peter 1:18-19
– Hebrews 10:12

Object Lesson

Illustration: Jesus as the Passover Lamb

Props needed:
1. A toy lamb or stuffed animal
2. A small toy cross or picture of Jesus on the cross
3. Plate of unleavened bread (matzah) or crackers
4. Cup of grape juice
5. A picture or small toy representing the Angel of Death passing over the Israelites’ homes during the original Passover

How to present the illustration:
1. Begin by showing the children the toy lamb or stuffed animal, explaining that in the Old Testament, lambs were sacrificed as part of the Passover feast to symbolize the forgiveness of sins.
2. Then, show the small toy cross or picture of Jesus on the cross, and explain that Jesus is often referred to as the “Lamb of God” who was sacrificed for the forgiveness of our sins.
3. Next, show the plate of unleavened bread (matzah) or crackers, and the cup of grape juice, explaining that these are symbols of the bread and wine used during the Last Supper, where Jesus instituted Communion to remember his sacrifice for us.
4. Finally, show the picture or small toy representing the Angel of Death passing over the Israelites’ homes during the original Passover, and explain that just as the blood of the lamb protected the Israelites from death, Jesus’ blood protects us from the consequences of our sins.

By using these props and visual aids, you can help young children understand and remember the significance of Jesus as the Passover Lamb in a simple and engaging way.

Craft Idea

Craft: Passover Lamb Handprint

– White cardstock or construction paper
– Brown and black paint
– Paintbrush
– Googly eyes
– Glue
– Markers

1. Begin by talking to the children about the story of Passover and Jesus as the Passover Lamb. Explain how the blood of the lamb saved the Israelites and how Jesus’ sacrifice saves us from sin.

2. Have the children place their hand flat on the white paper and trace around it with a pencil. This will be the lamb’s body.

3. Next, have the children paint the palm of their hand with brown paint and press it onto the paper above the traced handprint. This will create the lamb’s head.

4. Once the paint is dry, have the children use black paint to add the lamb’s ears, legs, and tail.

5. Glue on googly eyes to complete the lamb’s face.

6. Finally, have the children use markers to add details such as a nose, mouth, and hooves.

7. Encourage the children to take their Passover Lamb handprint home as a reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice for us.


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