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Celebrating Gods Gift of Laughter with Thankfulness

Possible Viewpont: Evangelical Christian

Title: Celebrating God’s Gift of Laughter with Thankfulness

Lesson Objective: To teach young children about the importance of laughter as a gift from God and to encourage them to show thankfulness for this gift.

Good morning, children! Today, we are going to learn about a very special gift that God has given us. Do you know what it is? It’s the gift of laughter! Laughter is a wonderful thing that God has given us to help us feel happy and joyful.

Why is Laughter Important?
Laughter is important because it makes us feel good inside. When we laugh, it can make our hearts feel light and our spirits feel lifted. It brings joy to our lives and helps us to forget about any worries or troubles we may have.

Bible Verse:
In the Bible, in the book of Proverbs 17:22, it says, “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.” This means that laughter is like good medicine for our hearts and helps to keep us feeling happy and healthy.

Showing Thankfulness for God’s Gift of Laughter:
We can show thankfulness to God for the gift of laughter by using it to bring joy to others. We can laugh with our friends and family, and we can also use our laughter to help cheer up someone who may be feeling sad or upset.

We can also thank God for the gift of laughter by being joyful and happy, even when things may not be going exactly as we had hoped. We can choose to find the humor in situations and not take life too seriously.

Let’s play a game where we take turns telling jokes to each other. Jokes are a great way to bring laughter and joy to others! After we finish the game, we can thank God for the gift of laughter by saying a prayer of thankfulness.

Today we have learned about God’s gift of laughter and how we can show thankfulness for this wonderful gift. Let’s always remember to find joy in laughter and use it to bring happiness to others. Let’s close our time together with a prayer, thanking God for the gift of laughter and asking Him to help us bring joy to others through our laughter. Amen.

Worship Music for Lesson

1. “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee” by Casting Crowns
2. “God’s Not Dead (Like a Lion)” by Newsboys
3. “This Little Light of Mine” by Addison Road
4. “I Will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord Forever” by Steve Green

Questions for Lesson

1. How does sharing laughter with others reflect God’s love for us?
2. What are some biblical examples of laughter and joy as a gift from God?
3. How can we use laughter to bring glory to God and encourage others in their faith?
4. What does Proverbs 17:22 teach us about the importance of laughter and joy in our lives?
5. In what ways can we show thankfulness to God for the gift of laughter in our daily lives?
6. True or False: Psalm 126:2 teaches us that our mouth is filled with laughter because of the good things the Lord has done for us. (True)


1. Ecclesiastes 3:4
2. Psalm 126:2
3. Proverbs 17:22
4. Proverbs 15:13
5. Psalm 30:11
6. James 1:17

Object Lesson

Illustration: Celebrating God’s Gift of Laughter with Thankfulness

Props needed:
1. Clown wig or jester’s hat
2. Red nose
3. Whoopee cushion
4. Juggling balls or scarf
5. Funny glasses
6. Balloons
7. Small mirror

How to present the illustration:

Step 1: Start by wearing the clown wig or jester’s hat and the red nose. This will instantly grab the attention of the young children and create a fun atmosphere.

Step 2: Use the whoopee cushion to make funny noises and get the children laughing. This will help them understand the joy and gift of laughter.

Step 3: Take out the juggling balls or scarf and demonstrate some simple juggling tricks. Encourage the children to try it out themselves and have a good laugh when they drop the balls.

Step 4: Put on the funny glasses and look at yourself in the small mirror. Ask the children to describe how they feel when they see themselves looking silly. This will help them understand that laughter brings joy and happiness.

Step 5: Blow up the balloons and hand them out to the children. Have a fun balloon popping session where they can release their laughter and joy.

Step 6: Discuss with the children how laughter is a gift from God and how we should be thankful for it. Encourage them to always find reasons to laugh and be grateful for the gift of laughter.

By using these props and engaging the children in fun and laughter, they will understand and appreciate God’s gift of laughter with thankfulness.

Craft Idea

Craft Idea: God’s Gift of Laughter Magnet

– Small square pieces of cardboard or thick cardstock
– Colored markers or pens
– Small magnets
– Glue
– Scissors
– Stickers (optional)

1. Begin the lesson by discussing the importance of laughter and how it is a gift from God. Share some funny jokes or stories to lighten the mood and make the children laugh.

2. Hand out the small square pieces of cardboard or cardstock to each child and ask them to think of something that makes them laugh or something they are thankful for that brings them joy.

3. Instruct the children to decorate their cardboard squares with drawings, doodles, or written words that represent their chosen topic. Encourage them to be creative and use lots of bright colors to reflect the joy and laughter they are celebrating.

4. Once the cardboard squares are decorated, help the children glue a small magnet to the back of the cardboard. This will turn their artwork into a fun and functional magnet that can be displayed on the fridge or a magnetic board.

5. Optional: If you have stickers available, let the children use them to add extra decoration to their magnets.

6. As the children finish their magnets, have them share with the group what they chose to celebrate and why it brings them laughter and joy. Encourage them to express their thankfulness to God for the gift of laughter and the things that bring them happiness.

7. After the discussion, have the children take their magnets home as a reminder of the lesson and as a way to bring a smile to their faces each time they see it.

This craft is a simple and enjoyable way for young evangelical Christian children to celebrate God’s gift of laughter and to reflect on the things in their lives that bring them joy and thankfulness.


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