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Question: does Jesus claim to be god? (Evangelical Christian)


As an Evangelical Christian, I believe that Jesus does indeed claim to be God in the Bible. Throughout the New Testament, there are several instances where Jesus identifies himself as divine. In the Gospel of John, Jesus makes explicit claims to deity, stating “I and the Father are one” (John 10:30) and using the divine name “I am” to refer to himself (John 8:58). These statements are significant because they reflect Jesus’ self-understanding as the Son of God and as equal with God the Father.

Additionally, in the synoptic Gospels, Jesus demonstrates his authority to forgive sins, to heal the sick, and to perform miracles, all of which are attributes of God. In Mark 2:5-7, Jesus forgives a paralyzed man’s sins, prompting the scribes to question how a man can forgive sins, as only God can do so. Jesus’ actions and teachings consistently point to his divine nature.

Furthermore, in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus accepts worship from his disciples (Matthew 14:33), which is a clear indication of his divine status. Throughout the New Testament, Jesus’ followers also worship him as God, recognizing his divine identity.

In conclusion, as an Evangelical Christian, I believe that the evidence in the Bible clearly indicates that Jesus claims to be God. His words, actions, and teachings all point to his divine nature, and his followers also affirm his deity through their worship and devotion. This understanding of Jesus as God is fundamental to the Christian faith and is central to the message of salvation and redemption found in the Bible.

Viewpoint: Evangelical Christian
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