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Mary, the mother of Jesus and Ishmael discuss Birth right

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Three random fictitious conversations between Mary, the mother of Jesus and Ishmael about Birth right. That might have taken place at various times in history… But did not!

Let's Talk About Birth right

Mary: Hello there, Ishmael! How are you today?

Ishmael: Oh, I’m alright. Just wandering around, trying to find my place in the world.

Mary: I understand the feeling. Sometimes I feel like I’m just following a path that has already been laid out for me.

Ishmael: Well, speaking of paths, let’s talk about birthright. You know, my brother Isaac got the birthright and all the blessings that came with it. But I got nothing!

Mary: Oh, I see. Well, I can relate to that. My son, Jesus, also had a special birthright and a divine purpose. It’s not always easy to understand why things happen the way they do.

Ishmael: Yeah, it’s like the universe has a plan for us, and we just have to trust it, right?

Mary: Exactly! And we must remember that birthright isn’t just about material possessions or status. It’s about fulfilling our purpose and bringing goodness into the world.

Ishmael: Wow, you’re right. Maybe I was looking at it all wrong. I should focus on being true to myself and making the most out of what I do have.

Mary: That’s the spirit, Ishmael! We all have a unique gift to share with the world, and that’s what truly matters in the end.

Ishmael: Thanks for the wise words, Mary. I’ll carry them with me on my journey.

Mary: You’re welcome, Ishmael. Remember, God has a plan for each of us, and it’s our job to embrace it with love and joy.

Ishmael: Amen to that, Mary!

Birth right Debate

Mary, the mother of Jesus and debate Birth right

Mary: Well, well, well, if it isn’t Ishmael the jealous nomad! What’s got your goat this time, Ishmael?

Ishmael: Don’t patronize me, Mary. You may be the mother of Jesus, but that doesn’t give you the right to flaunt your birthright over everyone else.

Mary: Oh, come on! It’s not my fault that I was chosen to bear the Son of God. I didn’t exactly sign up for it, you know.

Ishmael: Yeah, yeah, yeah. But you’re still living the high life with your cushy homemaker gig while us nomads have to fend for ourselves out in the wilderness.

Mary: Excuse me, Mr. Hotshot Nomad, but being a homemaker is no walk in the park. I have to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of running a household, taking care of my family, and managing our resources.

Ishmael: Oh, boo-hoo. Cry me a river, Mary. At least you have a roof over your head. Us nomads have to travel miles just to find a decent place to set up camp.

Mary: And I suppose you think that entitles you to the birthright, huh?

Ishmael: Darn right it does! I may not have given birth to the Son of God, but I’ve got just as much right to inherit the promised land as anyone else.

Mary: Well, I hate to break it to you, Ishmael, but you might want to check your family tree. Last time I checked, Jesus wasn’t exactly handing out land deeds left and right.

Ishmael: That’s beside the point! The birthright should be mine by default. It’s not fair that you get to sit pretty while the rest of us struggle to survive.

Mary: Oh, please. If life were fair, do you think I’d be schlepping around a baby in a manger? We all have our crosses to bear, Ishmael. But that doesn’t mean we have to bicker over who’s more deserving of the birthright.

Ishmael: Fine, fine. You win, Mary. But just you wait. One of these days, the nomads will rise to the top and claim what’s rightfully ours.

Mary: And when that day comes, I’ll be the first one to cheer you on. But until then, let’s just focus on getting through the day without tearing each other’s hair out, shall we?

Ishmael: Agreed. But mark my words, Mary. The nomads won’t be pushed around forever.

Mary: We’ll see about that, Ishmael. We’ll see.

Birth right - Game Time

Some Fun

I Spy

Mary: Alright Ishmael, let’s play a game of I Spy to pass the time. I’ll start – I spy with my little eye something that is made of gold.

Ishmael: Is it the sun shining on the sand dunes?

Mary: Nope, try again.

Ishmael: Hmm… is it the crown on a king’s head?

Mary: Nope, keep guessing.

Ishmael: Is it the tassel on a camel’s harness?

Mary: Yes, you got it! Your turn to spy something.

Ishmael: Alright, I spy with my little eye something that is a symbol of power.

Mary: Is it a sword carried by a warrior?

Ishmael: Nope, guess again.

Mary: Is it a crown worn by a king?

Ishmael: Nope, keep guessing.

Mary: Is it a scepter carried by a ruler?

Ishmael: Close, but not quite. It’s actually the birthright passed down from father to son. Your turn to spy something.

Mary: I spy with my little eye something that is the source of hope.

Ishmael: Is it a well in the desert?

Mary: Nope, try again.

Ishmael: Is it a star lighting up the night sky?

Mary: Nope, keep guessing.

Ishmael: Is it a newborn baby in a manger?

Mary: Yes, you got it! It’s the birthright of a promised future. Your turn to spy something.

Ishmael: I spy with my little eye something that is a symbol of faith.

Mary: Is it a prayer mat facing Mecca?

Ishmael: Nope, guess again.

Mary: Is it a cross on a hill?

Ishmael: Nope, keep guessing.

Mary: Is it a pilgrimage to a holy site?

Ishmael: Close, but not quite. It’s actually the belief in the fulfillment of a covenant. Your turn to spy something.

Mary: I spy with my little eye something that is a symbol of love.

Ishmael: Is it a mother’s embrace?

Mary: Yes, you got it! It’s the love of a mother for her child. Great game, Ishmael.

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About Mary, the mother of Jesus from the New Testament

Mary, the mother of Jesus, holds a special place in the Christian faith as the mother of the Son of God. According to the New Testament, she was a young woman from the town of Nazareth who was chosen by God to bear His son through the power of the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:26-38). Mary humbly accepted this miraculous calling, declaring, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38).

Throughout Jesus’ ministry, Mary played a supportive role, often accompanying Him on His journeys and witnessing His teachings and miracles. At Cana, she demonstrated her faith in Jesus by asking Him to help when the wedding party ran out of wine, leading to the miracle of turning water into wine (John 2:1-11).

Mary was also present at the crucifixion of Jesus, where He entrusted her to the care of the apostle John, symbolizing her role as the spiritual mother of all believers (John 19:25-27). After Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, she continued to be a faithful disciple and was present with the early followers of Jesus as they prayed and waited for the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:14).

Mary’s devotion, humility, and faith make her a central figure in the Christian narrative, serving as an inspiration for believers to live out their own callings with trust and obedience to God. Her willingness to accept God’s plan for her life and to provide unwavering support for her son’s mission exemplifies the virtues of a true follower of Christ.

About Ishmael from the Old Testament

Ishmael was the firstborn son of Abraham, the great patriarch of the Old Testament. His mother was Hagar, Sarah’s maidservant. Ishmael’s birth was the result of Sarah’s impatience and lack of faith in God’s promise to give her and Abraham a child.

Ishmael grew up in the household of Abraham, alongside his half-brother Isaac. However, tension arose between the two brothers and their mothers, leading to Hagar and Ishmael being sent away to the wilderness. In the wilderness, God heard their cries and provided for them, as promised to Hagar (Genesis 21:17-19).

Despite the difficulties Ishmael faced, he became the father of a great nation as God had promised to Hagar (Genesis 21:18). The Bible tells us that Ishmael lived in the wilderness where he became a great archer (Genesis 21:20).

From a Christian perspective, Ishmael’s story serves as a reminder of the consequences of human impatience and the importance of trusting in God’s timing and promises. It also shows how God is a compassionate provider, even in the midst of difficult circumstances. Ishmael’s story is a reminder that God’s plans are always at work, even when we may not understand them at the time.

About Birth right

In the Christian faith, the concept of birthright is deeply rooted in the belief that all individuals are born with inherent value and purpose. This belief is grounded in the understanding that each person is fearfully and wonderfully made by God, and possesses unique gifts, talents, and potential. This birthright is not something that can be earned or achieved, but is instead a divine inheritance bestowed upon us by our loving Creator.

As Christians, we are called to honor and respect the birthright of every person, treating them with dignity and compassion. We are reminded in the Bible that we are all made in the image of God, and as such, we are called to love our neighbors as ourselves. This means recognizing and affirming the worth and potential in others, and working to create a world where everyone can experience the fullness of their God-given birthright.

Ultimately, the belief in birthright serves as a reminder of our shared humanity and the responsibility we have to honor and uplift one another. By recognizing and celebrating the unique value and purpose of every individual, we can work towards a more just and equitable society, where all people are able to flourish and live out their God-given potential.

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