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Verse of the Day Rap of Psalm 110:1-4!

Verse 1:
Yo, check it, the Lord’s address,
My God’s got me dressed to impress!
Chillin’ on His mighty throne,
King David said, “He got me known.”

Verses 2-4:
God busts out His power, for real,
Rollin’ deep, showin’ who’s ideal.
Priest and King, no joke, no mess,
His swag’s so fresh, can’t contest.

A covenant, never been done like this,
No way, no one’s ever missed!
Eternal, like a royal office,
From the tribe of Judah, no novice.

So, let’s shout out loud and adore,
Our God, who reigns forevermore!
No crisis, just blessings He’s got,
In Him, we trust, like a double shot!


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