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Verse of the Day Rap of Matthew 6:25-27!

Yo, listen up, don’t you worry ’bout a thing,
Life’s too short to let stress make your heart sting,
Why you stressin’ ’bout what to eat or to wear?
God’s got your back, He’ll provide, I swear!

Check out the birds, they ain’t plantin’ seeds or reap,
Yet they fly high, gettin’ worms for keeps,
And the flowers, oh they be lookin’ fine,
God clothes ’em better than a designer line!

So quit stressin’ ’bout your day-to-day strife,
Trust in God, He’ll sort out your life,
He don’t want you losin’ sleep or feeling weak,
Just chillax, yo, let that worry take a backseat!

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