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Verse of the Day Rap of Hebrews 13:5-6!

Yo listen up, here’s a little rap vibe,
Hebrews 13 verse five, six on the ride,
Freestylin’ with humor, keepin’ it tight,
Remember God’s promise day and night!

He says, “I will never leave you, no way,
Nor forsake you, I’m here to stay.”
So let’s take that cash worriness away
And shout it out loud, “God’s got our pay!”

So chill out, homie, don’t you panic,
With God on your side, you got this mechanic,
No need to trip, no need to stress,
His love and protection, they never regress.

So keep your head high, never feeling blue,
Coz God’s got your back, He’ll see you through,
No matter the struggle, He’s the number one,
Fixin’ life’s issues since time begun.

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