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Verse of the Day Rap of Exodus 18:13-26!

Yo, Moses was in a funk, feeling low.
All his peeps stood in a long, long row.
Jethro, his dad-in-law, saw his despair,
And said, “Bro, you need to take some care!

Delegate the tasks, don’t do it solo,
Share the load, man, it’s how you will grow.
Choose dudes to lead, those who are wise,
Then you won’t see them all with tired eyes.

Moses listened and did as he was told,
Chose able dudes who were good and bold.
Handled disputes without much hassle,
Jethro’s advice, it was bang on the castle!

So remember, my friends, when you’re in a jam,
Don’t be a one-man show, just call in your fam.
Delegate, collaborate, and you will see,
Your workload will be lightened, and you’ll feel free!”

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