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“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”
– Matthew 24:35

BREAKING: “Matthew 24:35” – The Unchanging Word!

Groundbreaking report reveals Jesus’ prophecy outshining time itself! As heavens and earth may fade, His faithful words have eternal impact. Experts stunned by the resilience of Matthew 24:35, where Jesus promises that His teachings will endure until forever. Unprecedented revelation proves His words remain a beacon of hope amidst a shifting world.

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interview with the author of Matthew 24:35

Interviewer: Welcome, esteemed author, to this interview based on your work. Could you kindly recite Matthew 24:35 for us?

Author: Of course, I’d be happy to. It goes, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”

Interviewer: Thank you for sharing that verse with us. It holds immense significance and wisdom. Could you please shed some light on the inspiration behind this particular passage?

Author: Certainly. Matthew 24:35 captures a key message that I wanted to convey. In this passage, I emphasize the enduring nature of my teachings. It reflects my belief that even though everything in this world is transient, the words I speak are eternal and infallible. It serves as a reminder of the ultimate permanence and reliability of the divine truths I impart.

Interviewer: Fascinating! This verse seems to convey a sense of profound faith. Were there any specific experiences or teachings that influenced the writing of this passage?

Author: Indeed, my experiences and teachings were foundational in conveying this message. Throughout my ministry, I observed the ever-changing nature of the physical world and the temporary nature of human existence. This verse emerged as a response to the disciples’ query about the end times and the destruction of the temple. I wanted to assure them that despite the transient nature of our surroundings, the words I shared would stand the test of time.

Interviewer: That’s a profound reassurance for your disciples, as well as for future generations. How do you envision readers interpreting and applying this verse in their own lives?

Author: I hope that readers can find solace and encouragement in these words. Life can be uncertain and filled with challenges, but the principles I teach offer a sturdy foundation to build upon. By recognizing the manifold changes that occur in our world, individuals can seek strength and guidance from the eternal truths I have shared.

Furthermore, I believe that by adhering to these teachings, individuals can cultivate a greater sense of peace, purpose, and stability in their own lives. It encourages them to focus on what truly matters and to find hope even amidst chaos or the fleeting nature of worldly affairs.

Interviewer: Thank you for sharing your insights and intentions behind this verse, author. It is apparent that you wished to draw attention to the everlasting nature of faith in your teachings. Is there anything else you would like to add regarding this verse or its significance?

Author: Just one final note – this verse serves as a reminder that the divine truths and lessons I shared are not only applicable to the specific time and place of my ministry. They have inherent relevance and value for humanity throughout all generations. My words were meant to transcend time and remain a source of wisdom and guidance for those who seek it.

information about the author of Matthew 24:35

From an evangelical Christian perspective, the most likely author of Matthew 24:35 is traditionally believed to be the Apostle Matthew, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus. The Gospel of Matthew, including Matthew 24, is attributed to him based on early Christian tradition and church history.

According to the evangelical perspective, Matthew was a tax collector before being called by Jesus to become His disciple (Matthew 9:9). After his encounter with Jesus, Matthew left his profession to follow Him, witnessing firsthand the teachings, miracles, arrest, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus.

Matthew is recognized as an eyewitness to the events he recorded in his Gospel, making his account highly valued among evangelical Christians. They believe that Matthew faithfully wrote and compiled his Gospel to present a comprehensive account of Jesus’ life, teachings, death, and resurrection, with the purpose of proclaiming the good news of salvation to both Jews and Gentiles.

Matthew 24:35 is a significant verse within the broader context of Jesus’ discourse about the end times, commonly referred to as the Olivet Discourse. In this passage, Jesus speaks about His second coming, the signs leading to it, and the events that will take place. The verse states, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”

Evangelical Christians believe that Jesus, being the Son of God, possesses divine authority, and His words are eternal and unchanging. They interpret this verse as Jesus assuring that while the created world and everything in it may fade away, His teachings and promises will remain constant and true.

Overall, from an evangelical Christian perspective, the authorship of Matthew 24:35 and the Gospel of Matthew as a whole is attributed to the Apostle Matthew, who wrote under the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit to provide an accurate and reliable account of Jesus’ life and teachings for the edification and instruction of believers throughout history.


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