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The Locust Army

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Title: The Locust Army

Objective: To teach young children about the significance of the locust army mentioned in Revelations 9:14 and to understand how we can have faith and trust in God’s protection.

Introduction: Today we are going to learn about an interesting and powerful part of the Bible called the locust army. In the book of Revelations, it talks about a locust army that has a special meaning for us as Christians.

Scripture: “It said to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, ‘Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.’ ” – Revelations 9:14


1. What are locusts? Locusts are insects that can come in large swarms and cause a lot of damage to crops and plants.

2. In the Bible, when it talks about a locust army, it’s not talking about real insects. It’s actually a way of describing a powerful and scary army that can bring destruction.

3. When we read about this in the book of Revelations, it might sound scary, but as Christians, we know that God is always with us and can protect us from anything.

4. Just like how God protected the Israelites from the plagues in Egypt, we can have faith and trust in God’s protection.

5. We can pray and ask God for help when we feel scared or worried. We can also remember that God is in control and will always take care of us.

Activity: Draw a picture of a locust army on one side of a piece of paper and then on the other side, draw a picture of God protecting you from the locust army.

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for always being with us and protecting us. Help us to have faith and trust in you, especially when we feel scared or worried. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

Conclusion: Today we learned about the locust army in the book of Revelations and how we can have faith and trust in God’s protection. Just like how God saved the Israelites, he will always take care of us. Let’s remember to pray and trust in God no matter what happens.

Worship Music for Lesson

1. “Onward Christian Soldiers” – This classic Anglican hymn speaks to the idea of spiritual warfare and the power of God’s army to overcome any enemy, including a locust army.

2. “All Things Bright and Beautiful” – This joyful Anglican hymn celebrates the beauty and goodness of God’s creation, highlighting the contrast between the destructive nature of the locust army and the splendor of the natural world.

3. “I Am the Church” – This upbeat and simple song teaches young children about the role of the church in standing against evil and spreading God’s love, a relevant message for the lesson topic.

4. “Be Still for the Presence of the Lord” – This peaceful and reassuring Anglican hymn can help young children feel calm and safe in the midst of learning about the locust army, reminding them of the powerful presence of God.

Questions for Lesson

1. How do you think the description of the locust army in Revelations 9:14 is relevant to our world today?
2. What do you think is the significance of the locust army being led by angels in Revelations 9:14?
3. How does the description of the locust army in Revelations 9:14 make you feel? Why?
4. What does Revelations 9:14 teach us about the power of God and his control over the world?
5. What can we learn from the locust army in the context of the book of Revelations and its overall message?
6. How can we apply the message from Revelations 9:14 to our own lives as young Anglican Christians?


Joel 1:4
Joel 2:25
Revelation 9:3-10
Nahum 3:15-17

Object Lesson

Props needed:
– Toy soldiers or action figures
– Toy bugs or plastic insects
– Small toy trumpets or bugles
– A small toy fortress or building

How to present the illustration:
1. Begin by gathering the children around a table or on the floor where you can easily set up the props.
2. Show the children the toy soldiers or action figures and explain that they represent an army.
3. Set up the toy fortress or building and explain that it represents a city or a place where people live.
4. Next, introduce the toy bugs or plastic insects and explain that they represent the locusts mentioned in Revelations 9:14.
5. Give each child a small toy trumpet or bugle and explain that in the Bible, the sound of trumpets was used to signal an army’s arrival.
6. Have the children use the toy trumpets or bugles to make the sound of an army approaching while moving the toy bugs towards the fortress.
7. Explaining that this is how the locust army is described in the Bible and that it serves as a warning about the future.

By using props and engaging the children in the illustration, they will be able to better understand the concept of the locust army as described in Revelations 9:14. This hands-on approach can make the lesson more impactful and memorable for young children.

Craft Idea

Craft Idea: Locust Army Finger Puppets

– Scissors
– Glue
– Markers or colored pencils
– Colored paper (green, yellow, black)
– Googly eyes

1. Begin by cutting out a circle shape from the green paper, approximately 3 inches in diameter. This will be the base of the finger puppet.
2. Next, cut out small triangular shapes from the yellow paper to create the locust’s wings. You will need 4 triangles for each finger puppet.
3. Glue the wings onto the back of the green circle, with 2 wings on each side.
4. With the black paper, cut out small strips to create the locust’s legs. You will need 6 strips for each finger puppet.
5. Glue the legs onto the bottom of the green circle, evenly spaced out.
6. Once the glue has dried, use the markers or colored pencils to draw on the locust’s features, such as its face and any other details you like.
7. Finally, glue on the googly eyes to complete the locust puppet.

During the craft, the teacher can discuss the locust army mentioned in Revelations 9:14 and its significance, helping the children to understand the lesson in a fun and engaging way.


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