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Understanding the Gift of Chastity

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Title: Understanding the Gift of Chastity

Objective: To help teens understand the value of chastity and how it can lead to a more fulfilling and pure life.

Today, we are going to explore the gift of chastity and why it is important for us as Catholic teens. In a world where it seems like everyone is focused on sex and relationships, it can be challenging to stay pure and chaste. However, as Catholics, we believe that chastity is a gift from God that leads to true fulfillment and happiness.

Explanation of Chastity:
Chastity is the virtue that helps us to control our sexual desires and to use them in a way that is in line with God’s plan for us. It does not mean that we have to suppress our desires, but rather that we learn to channel them in a way that honors God and respects ourselves and others.

Understanding the Gift of Chastity:
Chastity is a gift because it allows us to build strong and healthy relationships based on mutual respect and love. It also helps us to develop self-discipline and self-control, which are important qualities for living a virtuous life. By staying chaste, we can protect ourselves from the physical and emotional consequences of engaging in sexual activities before we are ready.

Challenges and Temptations:
We know that it can be difficult to remain chaste in a culture that often promotes promiscuity and casual relationships. However, it is important to remember that God has given us the strength to resist temptation and to live a life that is in line with His will. We can also seek support from our faith community and surround ourselves with friends who share our values.

Practical Tips for Staying Chaste:
1. Set boundaries in your relationships and communicate them with your partner.
2. Avoid situations that may lead to temptation.
3. Pray for strength and guidance in living a chaste life.
4. Surround yourself with positive influences and avoid media that promotes promiscuity.
5. Remember that chastity is a lifelong journey and that it is okay to struggle at times.

Chastity is a gift from God that can lead us to a life of purity, respect, and true fulfillment. By understanding the value of chastity and seeking to live it out in our daily lives, we can experience the freedom and joy that comes from following God’s plan for our lives. Let us continue to pray for the strength and courage to embrace this beautiful gift and to live as authentic witnesses of Christ’s love in the world.

Questions for Lesson

1. How does understanding the gift of chastity impact your understanding of relationships and love?
2. How does staying pure align with Catholic teachings and values?
3. In what ways can practicing chastity positively impact your spiritual relationship with God?
4. What are some practical ways you can practice chastity and stay pure in your daily life as a Catholic teen?
5. What does the Catholic Church teach about the importance of purity and chastity in relationships?
6. According to John 3:16, how does love play a role in staying pure as a Catholic teen?


1 Corinthians 6:18-20
1 Thessalonians 4:3-8
Hebrews 13:4
1 Peter 2:11

Worship Music for LEsson

1. “Pure Bride” by Matt Maher
2. “True Love” by Phil Wickham
3. “This Little Light of Mine” by Addison Road
4. “We Danced Anyway” by Deana Carter

Object Lesson

Props needed:
– A glass of clean water
– A pitcher of muddy water
– A filter or paper towel

How to present the illustration:
Start by holding up the glass of clean water and explaining to the teens that this represents a person who is pure and chaste. Then, pour the muddy water into the pitcher and explain that this represents the temptations and pressures that can muddy our purity and chastity.

Next, take the filter or paper towel and place it over the glass. Slowly pour the muddy water through the filter, showing how it catches all the impurities and leaves behind clean water.

Explain to the teens that just like the filter removes the impurities from the water, chastity can help us stay pure and free from the negative effects of impure decisions.

Finally, emphasize the importance of making wise choices and staying strong in the face of temptation in order to maintain the gift of chastity.


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