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Herod the Great and Deborah discuss Movies

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Three random fictitious conversations between Herod the Great and Deborah about Movies. That might have taken place at various times in history… But did not!

Let's Talk About Movies

Herod the Great: Deborah, have you heard of these things called “movies” that people are talking about?

Deborah: Ah, yes, I have heard of them. It seems they are becoming quite popular among the people.

Herod the Great: I do not understand the fascination with these moving pictures. People should be focusing on my great kingdom, not these silly distractions.

Deborah: Well, Herod, perhaps movies can provide a form of entertainment and storytelling that can be both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Herod the Great: Entertainment and storytelling? I am the greatest storyteller of them all! Who needs movies when they can hear my epic tales of conquest and power?

Deborah: Movies can offer a different type of storytelling that can reach a wide audience and even inspire people to think about their own lives and the world around them.

Herod the Great: Hmph, well, I suppose there may be some value in that. But I still do not see the point of these moving pictures.

Deborah: Perhaps, Herod, it is important for us to remember that different forms of art and entertainment can bring people joy and provoke thought. As long as they do not lead people away from the truth and goodness, they can be a positive addition to our lives.

Herod the Great: Hmm, I suppose you may be right, Deborah. Perhaps I will have to give these movies a chance. Thank you for your wisdom.

Deborah: You’re welcome, Herod. It is always important to keep an open mind and to consider the impact of our choices on ourselves and others.

Morale of the story: While it is important for us to be mindful of the influences of movies and entertainment on our lives, we must also remember that they can serve as a form of art and storytelling that can bring joy and provoke thought. As long as we stay true to Christian principles and use discernment in what we consume, movies can be a positive addition to our lives.

Movies Debate

Herod the Great and debate Movies

Herod the Great: So, Deborah, what is your stance on movies? Do you think they are a waste of time and distracting the people from more important things, like, oh I don’t know, ruling a kingdom?

Deborah: Oh, Herod, you old grump! Movies are a form of entertainment and a way for people to relax and escape from the stress of daily life. Even kings need to unwind once in a while, you know.

Herod the Great: Oh, come on, Deborah! You know as well as I do that movies are filled with sensationalism and unrealistic portrayals of life. They are just a frivolous indulgence that is misleading the people and setting unrealistic expectations.

Deborah: But Herod, don’t you think that movies also have the power to inspire and educate? They can convey powerful messages and touch the hearts of the people. Plus, they can be a great source of communal bonding and conversation.

Herod the Great: Hmph, I suppose they do have their merits, but I still think they are a distraction from more important pursuits. Like, say, conquering lands and expanding one’s kingdom.

Deborah: Oh, don’t be such a tyrant, Herod! You need to lighten up and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. After all, even kings need a break from the endless responsibilities of ruling.

Herod the Great: Fine, fine, Deborah. I’ll admit that movies can be enjoyable. But let’s not forget that as a king, my time is precious, and I must always prioritize the welfare of my kingdom above all else.

Deborah: Agreed, Herod. But it wouldn’t hurt to sneak in a movie night every now and then. Who knows, you might even learn a thing or two from the stories they tell.

Herod the Great: (grumbling) We shall see, Deborah. We shall see.

Movies - Game Time

Some Fun


Herod: Okay, Deborah, I’m thinking of a movie. Ask me questions to guess which one it is.

Deborah: Is it a classic movie?

Herod: Yes, it’s considered a classic.

Deborah: Is it a black and white movie?

Herod: No, it’s in color.

Deborah: Is it a drama?

Herod: Yes, it’s definitely a drama.

Deborah: Does it take place in ancient times?

Herod: No, it’s set in more modern times.

Deborah: Does it have any famous actors in it?

Herod: Absolutely, it features some very well-known actors.

Deborah: Is it based on a true story?

Herod: Yes, it’s inspired by true events.

Deborah: Is it about a historical figure?

Herod: Yes, it focuses on the life of an important historical figure.

Deborah: Is it a biopic?

Herod: Yes, it’s a biographical film.

Deborah: Does it revolve around politics or royalty?

Herod: Yes, it has a lot to do with royalty and political power.

Deborah: Is it about a biblical figure?

Herod: Yes, it is centered around a character from the Bible.

Deborah: Is it “The Ten Commandments”?

Herod: Yes, you got it! It’s “The Ten Commandments.” Great job, Deborah. Your turn to think of a movie.

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About Herod the Great from the New Testament

Herod the Great was a powerful and ruthless king who ruled Judea during the time of Jesus’ birth. He was known for his grand building projects, strategic military leadership, and cunning political maneuvering. However, he was also infamous for his paranoia and cruelty, as he ordered the execution of several of his own family members and countless innocent people.

Herod’s fear of losing his throne led him to seek out and attempt to kill the infant Jesus, after the Magi informed him of the birth of a new king of the Jews. However, guided by divine intervention, Joseph and Mary were able to escape to Egypt with Jesus before Herod’s murderous decree was carried out.

Despite his wealth and power, Herod’s reign was marked by inner turmoil and fear. In the gospel of Matthew, it is said that when the Magi did not return to him as he had requested, “Herod, when he realized that he had been outwitted by the Magi, was furious, and he gave orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under, in accordance with the time he had learned from the Magi” (Matthew 2:16, NIV).

Herod’s life serves as a stark reminder of the emptiness and destructiveness of living in fear and seeking power for its own sake. His story also highlights the contrast between the corrupt rulers of this world and the true king of kings, Jesus Christ. Despite Herod’s attempts to snuff out the new king, Jesus’ light and love ultimately prevailed, offering hope and salvation to all who believe.

About Deborah from the Old Testament

Deborah was a prophetess and the fourth judge of Israel, as described in the Old Testament book of Judges. She was a woman of great wisdom and courage, known for her leadership and spiritual insight. Deborah played a key role in Israel’s history, guiding the nation in their battles against their enemies and delivering them from oppression.

Deborah’s story is found in the book of Judges, particularly in chapters 4 and 5. In Judges 4, we see Deborah providing counsel and guidance to Barak, the military commander of Israel, as they prepare for battle against the Canaanite army led by Sisera. Deborah’s faith and trust in God’s plan for victory inspired Barak to lead the Israelite troops into battle, ultimately leading to a miraculous victory for the nation.

In addition to her military leadership, Deborah also composed a song of victory, found in Judges 5, praising God for his triumph over their enemies and exalting the bravery of those who fought alongside her. Her song acknowledges God as the ultimate source of strength and victory, reminding the people of Israel of the importance of trusting in the Lord.

Deborah’s life serves as a powerful example of God using ordinary individuals, regardless of gender, to accomplish extraordinary things for His kingdom. Her faith, courage, and willingness to follow God’s leading are important lessons for believers today, inspiring us to trust in God’s plan and seek His guidance in all circumstances.

About Movies

Movies are a popular form of entertainment in our society, offering an escape from reality and an opportunity to experience different stories and emotions. However, as Christians, we must be discerning about the movies we choose to watch. We should seek out films that align with our values and beliefs, and that will uplift and inspire us. It’s important to remember that the content we consume can have a powerful impact on our hearts and minds. Let us be mindful of the messages and themes that are being portrayed in the movies we choose to watch, and seek out those that will encourage and strengthen our faith. Through thoughtful consideration and discernment, we can enjoy the art of cinema while remaining faithful to our Christian beliefs.

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