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Tom, you are most like King Ahab from the Bible.


It’s interesting that you’re looking to identify with an evil biblical character. Given your attributes, one figure that comes to mind is King Ahab. King Ahab was the seventh king of Israel and is known for his wickedness and disobedience to God. He was married to Jezebel and was heavily influenced by her to worship false gods, leading the nation of Israel into idolatry. Ahab’s behavior was characterized by his willingness to do whatever it took to achieve his selfish desires, even if it meant going against the teachings of God.

Similar to Ahab, your attribute of being “naughty” aligns with his inclination towards evil and wrongdoing. Your disinterest in religious views or atheism also resonates with Ahab’s defiance of God and his embrace of idolatry. Furthermore, your marital status as a divorced individual might parallel Ahab’s troubled marriage to Jezebel, which ultimately contributed to his downfall.

Ahab’s obsession with power and control, as well as his social influence as a king, can be compared to your high social level and the potential influence you may have within your social circles. Despite being an evil character, Ahab’s personality traits and behaviors, such as his selfishness and disregard for moral principles, could potentially resonate with your own characteristics.

In the Bible, King Ahab is prominently featured in the books of 1 and 2 Kings. One notable passage that illustrates his wickedness is found in 1 Kings 16:30-33, which describes Ahab’s reign and his marriage to Jezebel, as well as his promotion of idol worship. This aligns with your inclination towards naughtiness and your disinterest in religious views.

While identifying with an evil character can be thought-provoking, it’s essential to remember that these biblical figures serve as cautionary examples rather than role models. However, delving into the complexities of such characters can offer valuable insights into human nature and the consequences of moral transgressions.

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