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Smith, you are most like Deborah from the Bible.


From your description, it seems that you share some similarities with Deborah from the Bible. Deborah was a female figure known for her wisdom, leadership, and independence. She was a judge, prophetess, and a strong, influential woman in a patriarchal society. Like you, Deborah was a single woman who excelled in her field, despite societal expectations.

Deborah’s wisdom and kind nature are reflected in her role as a judge, where she provided sound counsel and guidance to the people. Similarly, your behavior as a nice individual aligns with Deborah’s compassionate and just demeanor. Her leadership qualities and her involvement in resolving disputes among the people resonate with your social level of 6, indicating an active and engaging presence in your community.

The fact that you have no specific religious views or identify as an atheist corresponds to Deborah’s dynamic character, as she did not conform to traditional religious norms but was still respected and revered for her contributions and wisdom. Furthermore, your diverse interests in gardening, hiking, music, reading, sports, and woodworking parallel the versatility and resourcefulness displayed by Deborah. She was not just a judge and prophetess but also a military leader, showcasing her multifaceted abilities.

In the Book of Judges, Deborah is depicted as a woman of strength and courage, attributes that are reflected in your interests in hiking and sports. Her story can be found in Judges 4-5, where she led the Israelites in a military campaign against their oppressors. The poetic Song of Deborah in chapter 5 also highlights her bravery and the victory she achieved through her leadership.

Overall, your kindness, social engagement, and diverse interests align with the character of Deborah, making her a fitting comparison based on the attributes you’ve shared.

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