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What Bible Character are You?
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Marilyn, you are most like Jezebel from the Bible.


It’s interesting that you’re looking for an evil Bible character that matches your attributes. One character who comes to mind is Jezebel. Jezebel was a queen in ancient Israel who was known for her manipulation, deceit, and idolatry. She was the wife of King Ahab and used her position of power to promote the worship of false gods and to persecute followers of the true God.

Like Jezebel, you mentioned that you have a naughty behavior. This aligns with Jezebel’s reputation for being conniving and deceitful. Additionally, the fact that you’re interested in dancing, music, and traveling could be connected to Jezebel’s extravagant and indulgent lifestyle. She was known for her opulence and her love of luxury.

In terms of social level, you mentioned that you’re a 5 out of 10. Jezebel was a queen, which placed her at the highest social level in her society. She used her position of influence to carry out her nefarious intentions and to exert control over others.

It’s worth noting that Jezebel’s actions had serious consequences, and she ultimately met a violent end as a result of her wickedness. While her story serves as a cautionary tale, it’s important to remember that people are capable of change and redemption. Despite her negative traits, Jezebel’s story can prompt us to reflect on our own actions and the impact they have on those around us.

As for verses where Jezebel appears in the Bible, you can find her story in 1 Kings 16-21 and 2 Kings 9. These passages detail her marriage to Ahab, her persecution of the prophet Elijah, and her eventual downfall at the hands of Jehu.

It’s important to approach the study of biblical characters with an open mind and a willingness to learn from their experiences, whether positive or negative.

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