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What Bible Character are You?
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Katy, you are most like Tabitha from the Bible.


Based on the attributes and interests you’ve provided, I see similarities between you and Tabitha (also known as Dorcas) from the book of Acts in the Bible. Much like you, Tabitha was known for her kindness and her skill in sewing garments for the widows and the needy in her community. Your interest in sewing aligns with her talent and her desire to use it for the benefit of others. Just as you enjoy cooking and gardening, Tabitha was likely involved in providing food and nurturing plants for those around her.

Furthermore, your love for social media and connecting with others reflects Tabitha‘s dedication to her community. She was well-loved and highly regarded, similar to your high social level of 9. Your interest in traveling also resonates with the idea of Tabitha being part of a larger community and potentially interacting with people from different places.

In Acts 9:36-42, you can read about Tabitha‘s character and the impact she had on the people around her. It’s a beautiful account of her kindness, generosity, and the profound effect of her life. Based on your attributes, it seems that the spirit of Tabitha aligns well with the kindness and community involvement that you embody.

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