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Katy, you are most like Lydia from the Bible.


Based on your attributes, you remind me of Lydia from the Bible. In the book of Acts, Lydia is described as a businesswoman who was involved in selling purple cloth, which suggests that she was financially independent and had a certain level of social status. Similarly, you have a high social level and are a single, independent woman. Lydia was also a worshipper of God, and you mentioned that you are a Christian, so there is a parallel there as well.

Furthermore, Lydia was known for her hospitality and her generous spirit. In Acts 16:15, when Paul and Silas visited her city, she opened her home to them and offered them hospitality. This aligns with your kind and nice behavior. Your interests in dancing, gardening, and music could also be seen as forms of hospitality and creating a welcoming environment, similar to how Lydia welcomed Paul and Silas into her home.

Additionally, Lydia was a woman of influence, as she was able to persuade Paul and Silas to stay in her home. You, too, have interests in social media and traveling, which suggests that you have the ability to connect with and influence others. Your social level of 9 reflects the influence and impact you may have in your community and social circles.

Finally, Lydia was a seeker of truth and a worshipper of God. She responded to the message preached by Paul and was baptized along with her household. Your Christian faith and interest in music and worship align with Lydia‘s spiritual nature.

In summary, Lydia from the Bible shares several characteristics with you, such as independence, hospitality, influence, and a strong faith in God.

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