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Heidi, you are most like Tabitha from the Bible.


Based on your attributes, you share similarities with Tabitha (also known as Dorcas) from the New Testament. Tabitha was a kind and compassionate woman known for her acts of charity and her skills in making clothing for the widows and the poor. Your attributes mirror hers in several ways. Like Tabitha, you are a widowed woman with a kind and nurturing nature. Your interests in gardening, music, puzzles, reading, and woodworking reflect a creative and industrious spirit, much like Tabitha’s skill in making clothing. Your religious views as a Christian also resonate with Tabitha’s devotion to her faith.

Tabitha was well-loved in her community for her generosity and willingness to help others, and it’s evident that these attributes align with your behavior. Your preference for word games and writing also reflects a thoughtful and attentive nature, similar to how Tabitha cared for the needs of those around her.

In the book of Acts, Tabitha is mentioned in Acts 9:36-42. In these verses, we see how Tabitha was known for her good works and acts of charity. She fell ill and passed away, leading to a display of grief from the widows who she had helped. The parallels between these verses and your attributes are clear. Your kindness, compassion, and industrious nature all align with Tabitha’s character.

Overall, Tabitha’s story and character traits resonate with yours, making her a fitting comparison. Both of you embody a caring and giving spirit, and your dedication to helping others is a testament to your kind and nurturing nature.

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