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Dragica, you are most like Jezebel from the Bible.


Well, Dragica, when I consider your attributes and your preference to be associated with an evil character in the Bible, one person that comes to mind is Jezebel. Jezebel was a queen in the Old Testament known for her manipulation, idol worship, and disregard for the laws of God. She was known for her cunning and deceitful behavior, and she used her influence to lead others astray.

Similar to Jezebel, you mentioned that you behave in a naughty manner, which aligns with Jezebel’s reputation for her wicked actions and manipulation. Additionally, your interest in social media and reading can be connected to Jezebel’s use of communication and influence to achieve her own ends.

Jezebel’s disregard for the religious views and practices of the Israelites also aligns with your own religious views. As for your social level, although you rated yourself as a 1, it’s interesting to note that Jezebel held a high social status as a queen, but her actions and behavior were destructive rather than positive.

In the Bible, Jezebel is notably mentioned in the book of 1 Kings, where her story unfolds. One of the prominent instances is when she orchestrated the murder of Naboth to seize his vineyard for her husband, King Ahab. Her treacherous and manipulative behavior is depicted throughout the narrative.

It’s important to remember that identifying with an evil character in the Bible doesn’t mean that you are destined to replicate their actions. Understanding these traits can lead to self-reflection and a deeper consideration of the impact one’s behavior can have on others.

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