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Dawn, you are most like Tabitha from the Bible.


It’s fascinating to analyze your attributes and consider which Bible character you might resemble. Based on your interests in collecting, music, puzzles, and social media, as well as your kind and sociable nature, a figure that comes to mind is Tabitha (also known as Dorcas).

In the book of Acts in the New Testament, Tabitha is described as a woman “full of good works and acts of charity” (Acts 9:36). She was known for her kindness and her dedication to helping others. Similarly, your behavior aligns with her reputation as a caring individual.

Your love for collecting can be linked to Tabitha‘s skill in making garments; she was known for making tunics and other clothing for the widows in her community (Acts 9:39). This dedication to her craft mirrors your passion for collecting.

Furthermore, your interest in music and puzzles can be likened to the way Tabitha used her talents and skills to contribute positively to her community. The social media aspect of your interests can also be tied to Tabitha‘s role in the community, as she was deeply connected with the people around her, especially the women who benefited from her generosity and care.

Your Christian faith aligns with Tabitha‘s religious views and her involvement in the early Christian community. Tabitha was known for her acts of kindness and the impact she had on those around her, reflecting the sort of impact you might hope to have in your community. Your sociable nature also resonates with Tabitha‘s ability to connect with others and create a positive and caring environment.

Overall, Tabitha‘s compassionate and giving nature, combined with her skills and her impact on her community, reflect many of the qualities and interests that you possess.

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