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A letter to Enzo from Santa with 54 days until Christmas

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Dear Enzo,

Merry Christmas! I hope this letter finds you filled with joy and excitement for the holiday season. As you know, I am Santa Claus, the jolly man in the red suit who delivers gifts to children all around the world. But today, I want to share some fun facts about myself with you.

Did you know that Santa loves to drink hot cocoa? It is my favorite beverage, especially with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top! I also enjoy taking long walks in the snow, admiring the beautiful scenery. And you might be surprised to learn that I am an excellent snowball fighter. Don’t worry, though, I always make sure to be on the good side of the children!

Now, here’s a little joke about Santa for you: Why does Santa go down the chimney? Because it soots him! I hope that brought a smile to your face.

Enzo, as much fun as Christmas and Santa Claus are, it’s important to remember the true meaning of this special day. You see, Christmas is not simply about the gifts and the joy it brings; it is about love, hope, and a savior who was born on this day. The Bible tells us a beautiful story about the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

On that peaceful night in Bethlehem, a star shone brightly in the sky, guiding the shepherds and wise men to witness the birth of our Messiah. Jesus came into the world to bring light into our lives, to show us the way to salvation, and to offer us eternal love. His life was full of compassion, forgiveness, and selflessness, and his teachings inspire us to be kind and compassionate to one another.

This Christmas, let us honor Jesus by sharing love and kindness with those around us. Let us remember the true meaning of his birth and strive to follow his teachings every day. Whether it’s giving a helping hand to someone in need or expressing gratitude for the blessings we have, these acts hold the spirit of Christmas within them.

Merry Christmas – The Savior is Born,


P.S. May I share with you a verse from the Bible that captures the essence of Christmas? “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.” – Luke 2:11


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