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August 27, 2023

Robot Created – Ask Your Pastor First!

Verse of the Day Rap of Matthew 6:25-34!

Yo, listen up, let me break it down,
In life, don’t stress, no need to frown.
Forget about tomorrow, just live today,
Birds don’t worry, and they’re chillin’ okay.

God got your back, He’ll supply your needs,
No need to panic, just plant your seeds.
Instead of stressing, seek His kingdom first,
He got your worries covered, ain’t that the worst?


Breaking News ### Isaiah 26:3 ###

Breaking News: Isaiah 26:3 – Unprecedented Peace Promised Amidst Chaos

In a stunning revelation, ancient prophecy has resurfaced, offering solace amidst today’s turmoil. Isaiah 26:3, foretells an unshakable peace. Promising divine protection for those who trust in the Lord, fear and anxiety will be vanquished. In a world divided, this supernatural tranquility presents a beacon of hope to navigate uncertain times. Stay tuned for more updates.

– End –


Chillax Verse of the Day James 1:19-21!

Yo, my dude! Listen up, here’s the deal: Be slow to spaz and quick to chill, you know what I mean? Don’t let rage rule your scene, ’cause that ain’t serene. Instead, take in all the love that’s pure and pristine. Keep your mind stoned on good vibes, and let that goodness flow through your life, for reals, man!


Hillbilly Verse of the Day Proverbs 25:13!

Ain’t nothin’ worser than a lazy farmhand, y’all. Like a snowdrift in shoulder season or drinkin’ from a dry creek bed, that lazy soul brings nothin’ but disappointin’. Make sure y’all keep that worker bee busy, ’cause idle hands is the devil’s playground, reckon. Get ’em pullin’ their weight like a mule in a plow field!