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July 24, 2023

Robot Created – Ask Your Pastor First!

Verse of the Day Rap of Micah 7:18-19!

Yo, listen up, I got a story to tell,
‘Bout the God who casts our sins in a deep well.
Micah said, “He’s slow to anger, quick to forgive,
Like a ninja, He makes our sins vanish, that’s how He lives!”
He loves us heaps, He’ll wipe the slate clean,
Throwing our wrongs away, washing us like a dream!


Breaking News ### Psalm 112:5 ###

Breaking: “Psalm 112:5 – Good News for the Upright!”

In the latest spiritual bulletin, the righteous can rejoice! Psalm 112:5 reveals that those who display compassion, generosity, and integrity will experience abundant blessings. This breaking news highlights the triumph of light over darkness, as the righteous grow in wealth and their righteousness endures. Stay tuned for more updates on divine favor! #Blessed


Chillax Verse of the Day Romans 8:1!

Dude, listen up! Life is like this sweet rainbow, man. If you groove with Jesus, there ain’t no judgment coming your way. Peace, bro! You’re like totally chill, free from punishment, because of the way the big man upstairs rolls. Super righteous vibes, man, that’s what it’s all about!


Hillbilly Verse of the Day Ecclesiastes 7:10!

Well, they say don’t go diggin’ too deep ’round these parts, ‘cos the deeper you go, the more ya find. Ain’t no use stirrin’ up trouble or ‘splainin’ things that don’t need ‘splainin’. Just enjoy the simple things in life, ‘cos once you’re in the thick of it, ain’t no turnin’ back.